Maternity bag content

Are you a prospective parent looking for a list of maternity bag content and when to start preparing a newborn’s dower? You must be wondering: what baby clothes to put and what not to put in a maternity bag? Then this guide is for you to find out what clothes to take care of, what sizes to choose and when to start decorating child’s room.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been expecting a baby, you can’t miss anything or get anything too quickly for your expectant baby. We congratulate you and your family on the great event of your life!

As a new expectant mother, you will be really excited and can’t wait to dress your newborn in beautiful baby clothes. When it comes to buying your first baby dower, we would like to help you out with 7 valuable tips for buying clothes.

Baby bodysuits and newborn jumpsuits

It is recommended to prepare clothes in maternity bag at least 3 weeks before the scheduled date of birth. It is recommended to put at least 3 bodysuits and 3 jumpsuits in the bag, because you have to spend about 3 days in a hospital with your newborn.

The weight of each baby is very different, to match the size of your baby as accurately as possible, choose clothes that are divided from 0-3 months. Each garment has even more specific indications – in centimeters, which correspond to both the baby’s height and are roughly selected according to the weight of the newborn. We encourage you to explore this in the size charts compiled by Petite Kingdom.

  • Practicality and comfort;
  • Age-appropriate size;
  • Fabric structure.

Suitability of clothing sizes

Before researching together types of bodysuits, it is very important to understand the size of baby clothes before purchasing them. Babies who are born prematurely – rarely reach size of 0 month age. That is why premature babies are specially sized and we have grouped the clothes of premature babies in our clothing range as “Infant”.

The weight of each baby is very different, to match the size of your baby as accurately as possible, choose clothes that are divided from 0-3 months. Each garment has even more specific indications – in centimeters, which correspond to both the baby’s height and are roughly selected according to the weight of a newborn. We encourage you to explore this in the size charts compiled by Petite Kingdom.

Fabric structure

As we mentioned above, a baby will sleep a lot in first months, so it is important to provide comfort for baby. We recommend to look for organic cotton fabrics, because the process of obtaining organic cotton is little affected by chemicals what makes ordinary fabric usually solid. Organic cotton will be softer, more breathable and more environmentally friendly than regular cotton. That’s why our Frugi baby clothes are perfect for not irritating your baby’s skin and are made of organic cotton.

How to choose the most suitable bodysuit for a baby?

A baby’s bodysuit is an important part of clothing in your baby’s wardrobe for at least 18 months. Bodies are comfortable, practical and perform important function to maintain body temperature of babies. Bodysuits are distinguished by the following small nuances:

Pushbottons frontside

Baby will not have learned to hold his/her head by the first month, so new mothers are usually worried to pull bodysuit over baby’s head. Don’t worry, we have provided you with a wide range of bodysuits for children with push buttons in a front. Not only will they make it easier for babies to dress up, but the pushbuttons won’t push your newborn’s back when baby spends most of the day sleeping.

Bodysuit with oval cutout

If you want to buy a baby bodysuit without pushbuttons for your maternity bag, then you should pay attention mainly to a bodysuit’s neckline. The neck part of the body must have a flap or a button which helps to increase the circumference of a neck part during dressing so that it can be easily pulled over the head without touching it.

Double row of pushbottons

It is so nice if children’s favorite bodysuits grow with them. This is ensured by a double row of push buttons. When a baby’s bodysuit is purchased with an appropriate size – it is buttoned to the tightest, but after a month you will be able to use the second row of a bodysuit so that you can have more space for diaper.

Interesting: In Latvia, parents choose push buttons on the front, because the baby spends most of the day on his/her back, while in Spain, parent chooses push buttons on the back of the body. Why? Because even during sleep a baby lies on his/her stomach and rarely baby’s parents put a baby on his/her back.

Infants’ jumpsuits and their types

Baby’s jumpsuit is, in the name we understand, a newborn pajamas, where the baby is released from excess seams what could squeeze during a sleep.

Comfort- infant jumpsuits are easier to put on because you don’t need so much activity to dress your baby;

Practicality– some of infant jumpsuits are footed jumpsuits and others are not. Why? Because the size of each baby’s foot can vary.

Pushbuttons or zippers? Some of jumpsuits possibly have zipper, but evaluate what is more useful for you in terms of practicality! Zipper helps quickly to dress and undress baby, but during the change of diaper, you will have to undress a baby completely. Therefore, we recommend newborn jumpsuits overnight with a zipper, but during the day with push buttons to easily change diapers.

If you have smaller baby, the infant’s footed jumpsuit will be very useful, as you will not need to pull on extra socks and they will not fall off during sleep. On the other hand, with non-footed jumpsuits you should put socks on if needed.


Newborn trousers are clothes that should be purchased wisely. Trousers’ belt must not squeeze on a child’s abdomen. Trousers should be chosen according to the appropriate weight and size of a baby. Provide at least 3 newborn trousers in your maternity bag.

A space for diaper- our range includes trousers, which have a specially designed extra space so that the trousers do not push the baby’s diaper to his/her bottom and do not irritate it.

Elevated Waist – Elevated waist and leg rubber will grow with your baby. If there is a feeling that a baby may be squeezed by a rubber, that elevated rubber of trousers can be pulled as appropriate to make it comfortable for a baby.

Children’s cardigans and sweaters

It’s a good idea to have a warmer cardigan or sweater for your baby in your maternity bag list. Choosing a cardigan and sweater is the same as with baby bodysuits – your choice is to either pull it through your head or dress it sideways.

Choose baby’s cardigan or sweater according a season which will be soft and without wool biting signs. Putting cardigans in maternity bag will not make you to worry about the weather conditions.

Gloves and Hats

Gloves and hats are also recommended during summer months. Baby is used to stay in the warmth, but be very careful not to dress so warmly that your baby may overheats. Provide space for at least 2 pairs of gloves and 2 baby hats in your maternity bag.

Newborn gloves

Gloves are necessary for 2 reasons:

  • to prevent baby from scratching himself/herself;
  • not to scare baby himself/herself with rapid hand movements.

Newborn gloves are not exactly like little one’s wear- in the way of mittens. These are gloves with rubber in the joint section so that they do not fall off so easily and the width of the gloves is appropriate for the child’s hand so that the fingers are pulled into the baby’s glove at the same time.

Newborn hats

There are several types of hats:

  • Under the chin tied – will not slip off baby’s head. These hats are especially important if you go for a walk with your baby so that baby’s ears are protected in a windy weather.
  • Without lanyards – easy to put on in the room, maintaining the baby’s warmth function provided by clothing during first months. These hats are popular during summer months.

Accessories for baby room

Does it seem like a baby would not need anything in your maternity bag anymore except clothes and diapers? There are always small accessories, which are good if you can put them in your maternity bag. They will definitely be useful for you later in a baby’s room.

It is recommended that new parents get of at least 7 muslin napkins. At least one clean napkin will be useful every day and you won’t have to worry about washing too many clothes.

Napkins – need for when a baby is fed and retches. A muslin napkin put on mother’s shoulder will help to rescue quickly and easily from retches when a newborn rejects the food.

Bib– a great help for mother in those moments when a baby will reject food when you least expect it. In order not to have to change bodysuit or jumpsuit every time, a baby bib will ensure cleanliness. We especially recommend it when the first teeth come, the saliva process is unstoppable.

Baby’s sleeping bag – the main task is to help a baby not get rid of his/her reflex movements during sleep, which could get out of sleep. Babies are very active in sleep, our customers have shared experience that putting in sleeping bags improves quality of sleep, because mother does not have to get up at night to put a frustrated baby back to sleep. These baby sleeping bags will provide warmth, so a baby will not be able to take it off easily at night as it can be done with a blanket in bed.

It is important to choose baby’s sleeping bag according to age and weight!

Purchase of clothing sets

When you are expecting your baby for the first time and trying to provide sets of baby’s clothes, you may often feel depressed that you do not have enough knowledge to take care of it in time. With each successive child, it is observed that parents become minimalists in their choices. It is only because, having gained experience, they have chosen the most comfortable baby clothes. Therefore, extensive and also contradictory information is available on the Internet.

To help to make it easier for you to get first sets of baby clothes and to simplify a list of maternity bag, we have prepared some kits that will always be useful when going to maternity hospital.

These kits include clothes and accessories, as well as a bag with a revolving mattress that can be conveniently placed on a shoulder.

Good luck and joy in a process of preparing maternity bags!

In this guide, we touched on very little specific clothing and accessories. We want to encourage that it is always possible to buy a supplement for baby room, depending on your wishes and budget. We wish you a joy and excitement in your search for first sets of clothes and accessories. If you would like to have some advice on our products, always feel free to contact us!

Have a wonderful first meeting with your baby!