MOLO | Revolutionizing Children’s Fashion

In 2003, MOLO emerged as a disruptor in the children’s fashion industry, driven by a desire to revolutionize a market that lacked vibrancy and color. Since its inception, MOLO has been committed to becoming every child’s go-to brand. With a focus on creativity, functionality, and quality, MOLO has transformed children’s clothing into a means of self-expression. This article delves into the remarkable journey of MOLO, its philosophy, design approach, and global presence.

MOLO’s Humble Beginnings

MOLO’s journey started with a spark of curiosity and a mission to challenge the conventional children’s fashion landscape. In the spring of 2003, MOLO introduced its first collection, catering to children aged 2-8 years. Initially available in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Holland, and England, MOLO’s unique designs quickly captivated parents and children alike. However, the brand’s ambition didn’t stop there.

Driven by the desire to meet the evolving needs of its customers, MOLO expanded its offerings. In 2005, they launched their first baby collection, catering to children aged 0-2 years. You can find baby fashion shop here. This expansion was followed by the introduction of a separate outwear collection in 2009. MOLO’s commitment to growth and innovation has led to the continuous expansion of its product range, now encompassing collections for boys and girls up to 16 years of age, as well as a swimwear line.

Putting Children First

Unlike many other brands, MOLO places children at the forefront of its design process. The company’s philosophy revolves around creating clothing that allows children to express their creativity and personality authentically. MOLO firmly believes that children’s clothing should be designed on their terms, enabling them to move freely, explore fearlessly, and embrace a world of delightful possibilities. Their clothes are not restricted to special occasions but are designed for real-life scenarios.

A Quirky Charm: MOLO’s Design Ethos

At MOLO, design is an avenue to ignite a child’s imagination. Their collections boast strong colors, playful prints, exciting shapes, and bold combinations. MOLO is particularly passionate about prints as they play a pivotal role in imbuing even the tiniest personalities with character. Prints serve as a relatable and captivating element for children, making them fall in love with their clothes. The brand’s distinctive style is urban, infused with funky, colorful designs that often carry a humorous twist or a touch of quirkiness. However, functionality and quality are never compromised for style. MOLO strikes a balance between fun, witty details and a cleaner, “raw” Scandinavian aesthetic. The clothes are designed with the essential functional aspects that every child needs, ensuring longevity even in the face of the most active lifestyles. MOLO exemplifies children’s fashion that is heavy on charm!

5 Fascinating Facts about MOLO

  1. Headquarters and Global Presence: MOLO’s headquarters are located in Copenhagen, Denmark. The brand has concept stores and SiS (Shop-in-Shop) in several countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Germany, Italy, France, and Singapore.
  1. Sales Offices and Showrooms: MOLO has established sales offices and showrooms in Italy, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France, the United States, Finland, and Denmark.
  2. Global Reach: MOLO’s products are sold in 42 countries worldwide, with a presence in 750 leading specialty stores and department stores. Notable retailers include KaDeWe, Neiman Marcus, Galeries Lafayette, Le Bon Marché, La Rinascente, Harrods, Globus, and Bergdorf Goodman.
  3. Comprehensive Age Range: MOLO’s collection caters to children from birth to 16 years of age, ensuring that every child can find something special.
  4. Continued Growth: MOLO’s commitment to excellence and innovation has fueled its expansion, making it a global leader in children’s fashion.


MOLO’s journey from its inception to its current global presence has been nothing short of remarkable. With a focus on putting children first, MOLO has reimagined children’s fashion as a platform for self-expression, creativity, and exploration. Their unique blend of urban style, vibrant colors, playful prints, and exceptional quality has made MOLO a favorite among parents and children worldwide. As MOLO continues to grow and innovate, it remains dedicated to providing children with clothing that allows them to be true to themselves and embrace the wonders of childhood.

MOLO‘s commitment to sustainability is evident in its choice of materials and production practices. They prioritize eco-friendly materials and work towards reducing their environmental impact.