Babygrows and Rompers

The first smile, the touch and the look in the eyes is magical. Clothing is no less important for babies, which they have to deal with in the first moments of their life, as they develop. Taking care of your and your baby's well-being, the Petite Kingdom team has prepared the most suitable and high-quality clothes - clothes such as babygrows and rompers are available in a wide range, choose the right ones for your child.

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Babygrows and bodysuit for babies from the first day of life!

What are babygrows and bodysuits?

Children’s clothing can have many different names and variations, but two of them are especially often searched for by every parent – baby bodysuits and baby rompers. What is the difference between a babygrows and a baby bodysuit? To help clear up any confusion, we’ve compiled the differences between a babygrows and a bodysuit.

Babygrows  and baby bodysuits: how are they different?

Baby bodysuits are usually short sleeved (but long sleeved are also available) and importantly, the baby bodysuit is legless. They are most often worn as a base layer under other clothing for extra warmth during the coldest part of the year. In summer, however, they can be worn separately to keep the baby cooler. Baby bodysuits have always been popular and easy to wear with toddlers, as bodysuit closures help secure and conceal the diaper while making it easy to change diapers throughout the day.

But babygrows, although they do not differ much in structure, are different. Both the newborn and infant bodysuits come with attached fabric on the arms and legs. They are mostly used as sleepwear, but on a particularly cold day, a baby romper can be the right choice for extra warmth.

So the easiest way to remember the difference is as follows:

  • no feet and leg parts = bodysuits;
  • have feet and legs = babygrows.

Also, baby bodysuits and babygrows can be used together – for example, to get extra warmth, a bodysuit is initially put on, and a babygrow is put on over it.

Bodysuits and babygrows for newborns – a popular choice!

Baby bodysuit is one of the most popular clothes that will fit in every baby’s wardrobe – regardless of the season and other aspects, there is a bodysuit. It is a practical and convenient solution, and a wide selection of baby bodysuits is available both online and in stores.

The babygrows is no less popular – considering Latvia’s changing weather, a warm, soft babygrow is the right choice for both colder days and nights. Babygrows for newborns and babies are available in a wide selection, suitable for different weather conditions and life events. Newborn rompers, just like bodysuits, are the basis of every baby’s wardrobe.

Baby bodysuits, like babygrows for babies, are not just for everyday wear – beautiful printed bodysuits and rompers are also suitable for more festive occasions. For example, combining a bodysuit with trousers or a beautiful skirt will result in a great festive outfit that will be comfortable and practical, but at the same time look glamorous.

What to pay attention to when buying baby clothes?

Not only the type of clothing is important when planning what to buy for a baby. What else is important to follow when planning to buy baby clothes?

1. Material – the basis of everything

The main thing to consider is the material of the clothing, the fabric. If it is rough, the baby’s skin will suffer, which parents definitely do not want. It should be noted that the baby’s skin has not yet fully adapted to the effects of the external environment, so it is important that the chosen baby bodysuits and other clothes are made of natural fabric that does not irritate the baby’s sensitive skin.

2. Closure – no less important

When buying clothes for a baby, attention should be paid not only to the material, but also to the closure. Babygrows and bodysuits for babies usually have snaps, which will not disturb the baby, while it will make the process of changing diapers easier for parents. However, attention should also be paid to the neckline of the bodysuit and the romper – if it is too narrow, putting on the clothes may be more difficult and unpleasant for the child. On the other hand, a cut that is too wide will not be comfortable and practical.

3. Clothing size

It is also important to pay attention on the size of the clothing. When buying a baby bodysuit and babygrow, this can be especially important because:

  • clothes that are too big will not look bad and will interfere with the full movements of the baby;
  • too small a bodysuit or babygrow will create pressure, for example around the legs, which must be avoided as it can have a negative effect on the baby’s health.

In order to buy a suitable babygrow or bodysuit, pay attention to the measurements. Since the sizes can be different, we have prepared a size chart that will certainly allow you to choose the most suitable one for your child.

4. Practicality

What clothes are suitable for a baby in his first year of life? Although parents definitely pay attention to the color and design of the clothes, practicality is an important aspect. You should choose such a design that baby babygrows and bodysuits are easy to put on/take off, wash, and use.

Wide offer – Petite Kingdom

In the Petite Kingdom online store, bodysuits and rompers for babies are available, which can be worn from the first minutes of life. The first outfit, the first set on the way home, and not only that, you will find the most suitable clothes for the holidays as well as for everyday life at Petite Kingdom!

On the virtual shelves of our online store, you can find the most modern bodysuits and babygrows, which are interspersed with beautiful patterns of flowers, animals and shapes. Also available are baby bodysuits and solid color babygrows for both girls and boys.

Look at the offer and place an order! In case of questions, contact our team – we will be happy to help!

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