A bag is an important and practical accessory for children. A backpack for small kids is perfect for storing favorite things in one place outside the home. For carrying personal belongings- a belt bag for older children, available in different colors, sizes and materials- will be practical and stylish. Backpacks for children are useful in any situation - whether traveling, going to school or going to the countryside.

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Backpacks for toddlers, kids, and juniors - for picnics, travel, and just for fun!

Kids’ backpacks are not just accessories – children will carry their lunch boxes, water bottles, favorite toys, and many other things in them, so it is important that children’s backpacks are not only beautiful, but also ergonomic, lightweight, and easy to care for.

5 Tips When Choosing A Perfect Kids’ Backpack

  • The most important thing is to choose the proper size. The children’s bag should be appropriate for the child’s age. Neither too big nor heavy, but just the right size. A good backpack will fit well, stay on the shoulders, and won’t slip off. It should not be too heavy so that it does not put an undue strain on the back.


  • Make sure there is enough back and shoulder padding. The shoulder straps should be wide so that they fit well, and it is comfortable for the child to carry the bag.


  • A larger backpack is not always a better choice, as children may put too many things in it, which will make it too heavy. We recommend discussing with your child which things should be left at home. However, if you buy a school backpack, please ensure that it can easily fit an A4-page-sized folder without bending the corners.


  • The kid’s backpack should have reflective details so that your child is visible in the dark. Safety comes first, so check that the child’s bag (especially a school backpack) has reflective elements incorporated in its design. If there are not enough reflective elements, we recommend buying additional ones and adding them yourself. It is also a great opportunity to discuss safe behavior on the street with your child again.


  • The hardware of the bag – zippers, straps, buttons, and clasps – must be durable, because the backpack is intended for a child who will not always handle his things most carefully.


  • The bag should be easy to clean, as it can be forgotten under the bench after football practice or dance class. Synthetic materials are usually more durable, so get a backpack that is durable and can keep up with your child’s lifestyle.

Designs and functions of kids’ bags:

Belt bags for kids, girls’ backpacks, lunch bags, shoulder bags, and more! Read about the different bag types to find the perfect one.

  1. Kids’ backpacks – comfortable and practical

Little children love to imitate everything adults are doing so they are delighted to carry a backpack. It is very important that the bag size should be appropriate for the age. For 2-3 years old, the bag should be light, flexible, and easy to wear. It is designed for the child to take their favorite toy or lunch box with them, but no more. Parents should take care of transporting the rest of their things in their backpacks.

For older children, backpacks will be used when visiting friends for sleepovers or going to afternoon practices.

  1. Attention! School backpacks

Since your child will use the school bag for at least 9-10 months, we recommend choosing a superb-quality one. Also, quality does not necessarily mean a higher price.

We know that a good school bag must be:

  • lightweight

We recommend a lightweight school backpack. If the bag is already heavy when you try it in the store, imagine what it will be like when the child fills it with books. Also, children will unlikely pay attention to the bag’s weight so they tend to overfill it;

  • comfortable

A comfortable boys’ or girls’ backpack means that it fits well, sits well on the shoulders, the straps are wide enough and padded, there are comfy compartments, and so on;


  • easy to care for and equipped with reflective details

The school bag for girls and boys should be made of easy maintenance materials. Ideally, it is equipped with plastic feet to protect against soiling. And it should definitely have reflective details so that the child is visible in the dark.

  1. Kids’ fanny packs

Did not expect a return of a kids’ fanny pack? Here they are – also called hip bags and waist bags they are increasingly popular among children. Fanny packs can be paired with casual jeans outfits or to match a party dress. Also, fanny packs are handy while traveling to make sure all essentials are with you.

  1. Kids’ drawstring and PE bags

Drawstring bags are meant to carry sneakers, headphones, gym suits, etc. so we recommend synthetic materials that are water-resistant and durable.

  1. Girls’ backpacks and purses

Girls’ purses are useful for carrying a phone, wallet, or candy, and will also serve as a beautiful accessory to complete a style. When choosing a girls’ purse or crossbody bag, please check the quality and durability of the shoulder strap.

Quality kids’ fanny packs and stylish girls’ backpacks at Petite Kingdom!

Our store has a wide range of accessories, including shoulder bags, backpacks for girls and boys, as well as matching water bottles to take with you on a walk, on a trip, or to school. We have paid special attention to ensure that these accessories are:

  • easily cleaned. The selected accessories will be made of easy-care materials;
  • high quality. Well-sewn seams, quality zippers, and snaps. You will be able to pass on our handbags to the next child, saving the environment and resources;
  • stylish. Children’s backpacks – are available in a variety of styles and designs, both colorful and monochrome. All you have to do is choose yours.

At Petite Kingdom, we are committed to providing the best quality clothing and accessories for your children. We look forward to seeing you in our stores, both in person and online. Enjoy shopping!

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