Children are constantly growing and improving - this is perfectly helped by toys for children. Developmental toys, educational games and more are the right opportunity to develop different senses and creativity. Check out Petite Kingdom's extensive offer and dive in game world!

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Toys for children - develop and educate your child!

What do educational games for children include?

From stacking and mind games for kids to puzzles and assembly games. These toys are designed to be fun and entertaining for younger children learning number recognition and spelling skills as well as older preschoolers. Discover the best kids toys for your child’s age and spend time with your little one learning skills with Petite Kingdom!

Why are developmental and educational toys for children essential?

Only by doing, learning new things can a child develop. The more time spent on smart devices, the smaller the child’s physical and mental development. That is why the presence of developmental and educational toys and games in a child’s everyday life is not just a need, but an essential necessity. Here, we have prepared a compilation of the 6 most important forms of development that are positively influenced by educational games and toys. Read and find out!

1. For imagination

Imagination toys never hurt. They are perfect for children of all ages. For example, building wooden blocks or themed sets can be useful for stimulating imagination, which allow you to imagine different characters, create your own unique world and try new ideas.

2. For coordination and balance

For slightly older children who change from crawling to walking, more active children’s developmental toys can be useful – for example, a horse, dip-dap and others.

3. Motorics

Developing fine motor skills is important for every child. In order to do this, educational games for preschool children are especially necessary – they develop such important coordination of movements. Taking into account that nowadays children spend more and more time with smart devices, increased attention should be paid to motor development, promoting the overall growth of the child.

For the development of fine motor skills, things can be useful, for example, a set of kitchen appliances for children or a set of carpenters, which will allow the child to work with his hands and learn new skills.
Other wood-developing toys can also be useful – for example, stacking blocks that teach the child to grab things and place them in the correct place.

4. For creativity

Both the most ordinary wooden blocks and, for example, a play mat on which various figures and objects are placed can be useful for developing creativity. Wooden blocks as developmental toys for children help to improve creativity – the little challenge has to find new ways to use existing objects to build the shape or object created in his mind.

5. For language and counting

It is important that children learn basic language and numeracy skills at preschool age. It can be done in a fun way – even classic educational toys for children of the Alphabet type allow the smallest to get to know letters, their connection with objects or beings.
Very useful children’s developmental toys are ABC wooden blocks – such games simultaneously develop children’s language skills, but also improve fine motor skills, which are improved by holding the blocks and placing them next to others.
On the other hand, a number book for children will be useful for counting – it is created in a fun, engaging way to keep the attention of even the most impatient children and allow them to take the first steps in the world of numbers.

6. To improve agility

What better way to improve dexterity than with developmental wooden toys or puzzles? For example, a house made of wooden shapes for small birds will be great for a child to learn shapes and develop manual dexterity. Slightly older children will enjoy puzzles – they develop eye dexterity and logical thinking, which are important for young children.

Developmental toys for children – find out what to pay attention to when you buy them!

Before buying different types of play development toys or educational games for children, there are some aspects to consider. They are, for example:

  • age appropriateness. Each manufacturer has determined which age group the toys are suitable for. Follow this rule to protect the child, for example, from unpleasant injuries;
  • quality. It should not be forgotten that young children like to taste almost anything. Therefore, for example, when buying wooden toys, you should evaluate how safe the wooden coating is – whether the blocks are covered with paint, varnish, etc.

Wide offer in Petite Kingdom!

Spending time with your little one discovering new games and developing their senses and skills is incredibly important! In order for you to have more time to spend with your child, we offer the opportunity to purchase the highest quality children’s educational games, developmental toys remotely. This means that you can place an order at a convenient time and have it delivered to your door. And imagine what a moment of surprise the child will have when he receives the new game or toy right there, at home – at the most unexpected moment!

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