Beautiful yellow bodysuit

Item number: SG1981

34.95 17.50

Basic bodysuit in a beautiful yellow colour with wide rib pattern. A super soft, lightweight, and breathable top that is perfect for warm days, as the viscose feels cold and smooth to the skin.
Nice rib quality with a comfortable stretch quality that allows for free movement, while maintaining the shape.

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Size chart

Soft Gallery size chart

Petite Kingdom kindly suggest:

To be sure that you are ordering the right size item, please look at these childrens` clothing size charts at the time of your order.

AgeHeightChestWaistHipInside LegsEU
0 mth56 cm40 cm38 cm41 cm19 cm56
3 mth62 cm42,5 cm41,5 cm41 cm21,5 cm62
6 mth68 cm45,5 cm44 cm44,25 cm23,75 cm68
9 mth74 cm47,25 cm45,75 cm46,50 cm27 cm74
12 mth80 cm49 cm47,5 cm48,75 cm30,25 cm80
18 mth86 cm50,75 cm49 cm51 cm33,5 cm86
2 Yr92 cm52,550,5 cm53,25 cm 37 cm92
3 Yr98 cm54,25 cm52 cm55,5 cm40,5 cm98
4 Yr104 cm56 cm54,5 cm60 cm45,5 cm104
5 Yr110 cm58 cm55 cm62 cm49,25 cm110
6 Yr116 cm60,5 cm56 cm64 cm52 cm116
7 Yr122 cm63 cm57 cm66 cm56 cm122
8 Yr128 cm65 cm58 cm70 cm59,75 cm128
9 Yr134 cm68,25 cm59,75 cm73,5 cm62,75 cm134
10 Yr140 cm71,5 cm61,75 cm77 cm65,75 cm140
11 Yr146 cm74,75 cm63,63 cm80,5 cm68,63 cm146
12 Yr152 cm78 cm65,5 cm84 cm71,5 cm152