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Wooden toys for children have been over the centuries, they are integral part in child’s room. Nowadays, it is topical to mention that all wooden toys are developing. If you want to know what these wooden toys develop in children, this article will be suitable for you!

Before our wooden toy store evaluated the products we wanted to offer to our youngest friends, we researched the principle on which each toy manufacturer is based. Here you will find prominent manufacturers of wooden toys from Great Britain and France, who have studied how toys develop children’s skills. So, no doubt – every toy you buy is made for your child to develop the skills they need.

The main task of developing wooden toy is to promote child’s ability to act creatively by involving imagination in a play process. For 100 years, the Montessori method, developed by Maria Montessori based on the philosophy that children are free to choose activities they want to engage in, has become a prerequisite for bringing everything as close as possible to real life. The main idea is for a child to make his or her own choices, with which he or she develops his or her skills, builds confidence and self-esteem. Undoubtedly, this approach develops child’s physical, cognitive and emotional skills. The British toy manufacturer Le Toy Van, whose toys can be found in our online store, is based on this Montessori approach to the production of wooden toys.

There are several series of toys that are produced to develop specific skills. An example is children’s wooden kitchen. Children’s wooden kitchenette is very simple, it can be supplemented with its own dishes from the range of adult kitchens or buy wooden play utensils. All wooden toys are made considering realistic life. Wooden eggs are depicted as real eggs, kitchen appliances are painted in colors that encourages creativity. Even the doctor’s kit includes the most important medical examination tools in a medical bag.

If your child pays attention and devoting himself or herself to play with one toy for hours, then know when he or she has decided to enjoy the charm of a wooden toy and we, as parents, can help encourage to develop more skills.

Is it possible to introduce a Montessori approach to a child through wooden toys at home if a room is crowded with a range of toys? Yes, it is possible!

If it is difficult to understand the direction that could give clarity about your child’s interests, then watch in which cases your child comes to you with a request to help him or her. Maybe it’s a kitchen where child wants to cook with his/her parents? Maybe house cleaning? Maybe child has so many questions about work of doctors or range of carpentry tools?

Children are great imitators, and by bringing child’s range of toys closer to real life, we allow him/her to build self-confidence, acquire skills needed to survive. Children have a lot of imagination; we as parents need to help unleash it.

It remains to evaluate the range of existing wooden toys, to find out whether there is diversity in it and to understand whether a child is interested in current toys or not.

Wooden toys for babies are not only recommended but they must be found in baby’s toy box.

Usually, Montessori toys are made of natural materials because they connect baby with nature and are the safest ones to put in baby’s mouth. Our wooden toys for babies are painted with non-toxic water-based paints that do not harm a child while he/her plays with them.

By using developing wooden toys, a child acquires skills in practical life and develops his/ her imagination. Please read our article of children’s wooden kitchenette and accessories, which provide a quality time to learn how to share, socialize, imagine and much more: Children’s wooden kitchen and accessories | TOP 5 toys • Petite Kingdom

If you would like to find out what each of toys develops in a child, please read description before you choose products.