Size chart for children and its explanation

Have you noticed new brands you haven’t heard of before? That is our goal, to offer you and your child the best that has never been seen before. To make it easier to navigate by size and unfamiliar brands, it is important to us that you do not get confused when choosing the right size for children’s clothing.

In order to better understand the right size of babies and children’s clothing by what children’s clothes are manufactured, we offer a look at the size charts used by European children’s clothing manufacturers.

Before you go to research your child’s size chart, you should know that Spanish, Portuguese and Italian clothing products are most often one size smaller than we are used to measuring for our children in Latvia.

Our team always indicates a size of children according to product description. If you like a product and you doubt whether it will be suitable for your child, please contact our customer service department and we will be happy to help you!

Sizes and parameters of newborn

Newborn size chart includes parameters from birth to two years of age. Manufacturers most often indicate age of a child, but practice shows that only a small part corresponds to child’s height characteristics.

  • If you want to buy a first dower or gift for a first time visit of newborn as accurately as possible, take a look at this baby size chart.
AgeHeightWeight (kg)WaistChestEUDouble sizes
Premature babies up to 50 cmup to 336 cm35 cm5048/50
Newborn56 cm3-3,541 cm39 cm5650/56
0-3 months62 cm5-5,545 cm43 cm6256/62
3-6 months68 cm7-847 cm46 cm6862/68
6-9 months74 cm8-948 cm47 cm7468/74
9-12 months80 cm9-1150 cm48 cm8074/80
12-18 months86 cm10,5-12,552 cm50 cm8686/92
18-24 months92 cm12-14,553 cm52 cm9286/92
2-3 years98 cm13,5-1555 cm53 cm9898/104

Children’s clothing sizes

Children’s sizes are divided by growth rate, so the table shows a double size for smaller children. For bigger children, the main parameter in the size chart is child’s height in cm (hereinafter in centimeters). Most attention is paid to height of a child, if size is on the edge between other two sizes in the table, we recommend taking the largest one.

AgeHeightChest sizeWaist sizeLeg length from insideEU
Premature babyup to 50 cm36 cm36 cm17 cm50
Newborn50-56 cm38.5 cm39 cm19 cm56
0-3 months56-62 cm42.5 cm43 cm21 cm62
3-6 months62-68 cm45.5 cm45 cm24 cm68
6-12 months68-80 cm49 cm49 cm31 cm80
12-18 months80-86 cm51 cm50 cm34.5 cm86
18-24 months86-92 cm52.5 cm50.5 cm38 cm92
2-3 years92-98 cm54 cm52.5 cm41 cm98
3-4 years98-104 cm56 cm54.5 cm45 cm104
4-5 years104-110 cm58 cm55 cm49 cm110
5-6 years110-116 cm61 cm56 cm52 cm116
6-7 years116-122 cm63 cm57 cm56 cm122
7-8 years122-128 cm64 cm59 cm59 cm128
8-9 years128-134 cm66.5 cm60.5 cm62.5 cm134
9-10 years134-140 cm71 cm62 cm65 cm140

Children’s hat sizes

Sizes of children’s hats are calculated from a circumference of child’s head. If a measure is on the edge, take a larger size because girls have to lay their hair bands and hair clips under it.

The sizes of newborn’s hats are easier to determine, because these hats are divided into several types and the manufacturers carefully follow sizes of the tables to fit each model, whether it is hat like a beanie or just hat tied under a chin. Don’t worry, if your baby isn’t born yet and you want to buy a hat, simply follow the column in the table that shows the sizes of baby clothes by age, as babies are quite accurate in sizes up to 6 months.

AgeSizeHead circumference (cm)
3-6 monthsXXS42-44
6-12 monthsXS44-46
18-24 monthsS47-50
4-6 yearsM50-52
8-12 yearsL53-55

Children’s glove sizes

Size of gloves for children can be easily calculated from a length of their wrist and a circumference of a wrist.

AgeFrom palm to a middle finger (cm)Wrist circumference (cm)
0-2 yearsup to 911,5
2-4 yearsup to 1113
4-6 yearsup to 1214,5
6-8 yearsup to 1415,5
8-10 yearsup to 1516,5

Children’s shoe sizes

Parents are most often confused about how to measure and determine a size of children’s shoes. If you buy shoes online without measuring them, please note that it is very important to follow an individual size chart for each brand. You will find it in our store under the product, where it will be marked “View size chart”. If necessary, if you are confused about the size of children’s shoes, please contact us!

If you are looking for what criteria measure a child’s shoes, then it is by a length and width of a foot. To determine exact size of shoe, place a sheet of white paper under one child’s foot. Child should stand on both feet without kneeling. Wrap around foot and measure with a tape measure from a furthest point of heel to a tip of longest toe. Remember to add 1 to 1.5 cm to a size on a paper. It depends on seasonality of shoes. For size of children’s winter shoes should add extra 1.5 cm, but adding extra 1 cm will suffice for summer shoes.

In this table we offer a comparison of children’s shoe sizes in the UK, children’s sizes in the USA with our European shoe size chart.

AgeFoot length (cm)EU sizeUSA sizeUK size
0-3 months9,516-170-20,5-1
3-6 months10,517-182,5-3,51,5-2
6-12 months11,7194-4,53
12-18 months12,5205-5,54
18-24 months13,421-226-6,54,5-5,5
2-2,5 years14,323-247-86-7
2,5-3 years15,2258-8,58
3-3,5 years16269-9,59
4 years17,52710-10,510
4-4,5 years182811-11,510,5
5 years18,52912-12,511
6 years19,53013-13,512
7 years20-20,3311-1,512,5
8 years20,532213
8-9 years21332,51
9 years21,5-22343-3,52
10 years22,2-22,9354-4,53

Sizes of children’s socks and tights

Sizes of children’s socks are measured by a size of shoes. To understand how many socks and tights lose elasticity and shrink after washing, it is necessary to pay attention to a fabric composition and shrinkage factor. Shrinkage coefficient of socks is up to 2% within normal limits.

0-3 months50-58 cm<4kg
3-6 months59-70 cm4-8kg
6-12 months71-82 cm8-11kg
12-24 months83-94 cm13-15kg
2-4 years95-106cm17-20kg
4-6 years107-118cm20-25kg
6-8 years119-130cm25-30kg
8-10 years131-142cm30-40kg

Children’s sock sizes

AgeShoe size EUShoe size UK
Newbornup to 14  0-1 
0-6 months10-14 0-1
6-12 months15-18   1-2
12-24 months19-23   3-6
2-4 years23-26 6.5-8.5
4-6 years27-31 9.5-12.5
6-8 years32-35 13-2.5
8-10 years36-39 3.5-5.5
10+years39-41 5.5-7.0