Children’s wooden toy kitchen and accessories | TOP 5 kitchen toys

Children’s wooden kitchen is one of the most interesting wooden toys found in every child’s room. Buying it is as worrying as buying a purchase that is important to adults. Without paying special attention to criteria of size, color, special requirements and additional attributes that come with a standard children’s toy kitchen, we have selected our TOP 5 children’s wooden kitchen toys from our store.

Benefit of children’s toy kitchen

Although children’s kitchens are so different in size and amount of function, it is important to know that your child will like it and will suit any kitchenette. The main task of children’s play kitchen is to employ a child to develop his/her imagination, creativity, social skills and fine motor skills.

Is a portable wooden kitchen less efficient than a large three-part kitchen with a built-in wooden refrigerator and washing machine? Each wooden toy has its own strengths, but no developmental wooden toy purchased reduces a development of children’s skills.

Children enjoy toys with their eyes – it is important to pay attention to colors, so that wooden kitchen shelves or cabinets are colorful with clear color compositions. Colors stimulate child’s vision, develop functions of a body – it is not in vain that you should pay close attention to colors that dominate around a child in his/her room.

It is always possible to supplement a range of children’s wooden kitchen with a separate refrigerator, shelves, washing machine, bar counter, etc. Before buying it, it is important to understand how much space in a room allows you to freely place and access a kitchenette, because after a while there will be a desire to buy vegetables, baskets, dishes and pots. To make room for everything, we encourage you to choose children’s wooden kitchens, which are equipped with many shelves and cabinets.

1.Educational games for children can be found in kitchen

Do you feel like freshly cooked vegetable soup? Your child slowly learns that putting potatoes, beets, meat and carrots in a saucepan will be cooked his/her favorite food.

Oh, something spilled out! Where is the towel, should we wipe it? We learn cleanliness and order in a kitchen. What are these storage containers for? Maybe we can hide some vegetable what we don’t really like there?

This children’s wooden kitchen is one of our favorites. Elegant wicker baskets, oven, stove and set of dishes in such harmonious and neutral tones that will suit any children’s room design. Teach your child to cook and the time will come when your child will teach you how to cook!

2. Can a child’s wooden toaster also burn a bread?

How delicious freshly baked buns are in a toaster! This baby wooden toaster offers to serve breakfast with a bread and butter or jam. It will fit perfectly as an addition to children’s wooden kitchenette.

3. Let’s eat healthy by getting to know different fruits

Sometimes there are worries that children are too fond of sweets and so little to ask for a fruit for dinner. Therefore, we are glad that our range of role-playing games includes a wooden fruit mixer for children with an assortment of fruits.

What does your child like better strawberries or bananas? Arrange these fruits beautifully on the shelves of a wooden kitchen to remind your child of the opportunity to use fruits as a desert when cooking!

4. Smart room arrangement using toys

We have classified these shopping carts as useful toys. Kids can use a shopping cart in role-playing games by going to a toy store with their shopping list. Child can easily prepare a meal by pushing a wooden shopping cart near a kitchen. At the end of a game, you can put accessories in child’s wooden shopping cart that do not have space on kitchen shelves.

5. Enjoy cooking

Every cook has their own special uniform. These children’s aprons are useful not only for playing with kitchen toy accessories, but also for helping parents to cook in a real kitchen. Children’s apron is easy to care for and easy to use. Choose your favorite apron and enjoy your cooking!