Rain Trousers

Considering the changeable weather, rainwear for a child is a necessity! If that's what you're looking for, Petite Kingdom is the place to stop for a gorgeous selection of rainwear for kids! The rain trousers for children available from us stand out for their high quality, bright design and unforgettable adventures that they are ready to do together with your child! Look at the offer and order now!

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Rain pants for children!

Why are rain pants essential for children?

One of a child’s greatest joys is making a huge splash by jumping into a backyard puddle after a rain. However, it also has a negative side – wetness quickly passes through ordinary fabric, as a result of which the child rapidly cools down, which can lead to cold. Therefore, it is important to properly dress the child to avoid unpleasant incidents. Read on to find out how to find the most suitable rain pants for your child.

Pay attention to 5 important aspects!

Here’s what you should consider when choosing rain pants for a girl or a boy if you want to go hiking, walking or splashing in puddles.

1. Pants VS overalls

If your child wants to jump in puddles, then a rain coverall is the right choice. This will ensure that the child’s legs and the inside of the overalls do not get wet from underneath. However, rain overalls are not practical – they are quite difficult to take off (especially if the rain jacket is not taken off as well). This can be problematic when potty training or going to the bathroom. For this reason, parents often prefer classic rain trousers to overalls. To protect your child’s legs and waist from getting wet when wearing rain pants, buy a rain jacket that tightens around the waist to prevent splashes from getting underneath.

2. Water resistance rating and taped seams

Water resistance is measured using the hydrostatic head test and is given in millimeters – the higher the millimeter rating, the more water resistant the material is. For everyday use, water resistance of ~2000 mm is quite good. However, if your children will be sitting in water, kneeling on wet ground, or playing in the rain, they will need a much higher water resistance rating. However, the negative aspect should also be taken into account – a high level of waterproofing means less air permeability. Also, before buying, you must evaluate what the seams are. Make sure children’s rain pants have taped seams to prevent water from seeping through the seams. The good news is that almost all rain trousers, even the cheapest ones, have this feature these days.

3. Breathability

Waterproof trousers are inherently not very breathable. This is not so important in cold weather, when children wear several layers under their pants. But in warm weather, the lack of air permeability means that the child will start to sweat quickly, so they will end up getting wet from sweat instead of rain. Really high-quality rain pants are made of multi-layered materials with breathable membranes. The moisture vapor permeability (MVP) test determines the breathability of a material in grams per square meter (g/m2). A rating of 2000 g/m2 is a good level of breathability for something that is completely waterproof.

4. Rubber pants

Take into account that children are active. For this reason, care must be taken so that the pants do not roll up when squatting, running and moving. Pants with elastic ends will work best. They will secure the pants, preventing them from sliding up.

5. Zipper on the bottom of the legs

If children are put on rain pants before going outside, then ankle zippers are of no use. But if, for example, you need to put on pants while hiking or walking, those with open ends will come in handy. You must know how difficult, sometimes even impossible, it is to put pants on over boots, and how dirty it is to pull them off over muddy boots. Good rain pants for girls and boys will come with a built-in zipper for easy on/off over shoes. The best option is a zipper that goes up the side.

Stylish rain pants for children in Petite Kingdom!

The team at Petite Kingdom knows how important it is to combine the practical with the pleasant, so when choosing the models of rain pants available in our store, we have paid attention to all the most important aspects. These include:

  • quality. It is good if the child can crawl, sit down and move freely, but parents should not worry about whether the rain pants will withstand it;
  • practicality. We have selected models that will be easy to put on and take off, as well as take care of;
  • style. Yes, small children also want to look fashionable, so in our store you will find rain pants for girls and boys with designs corresponding to the trends of 2022.

Are you ready to choose the best for your child? Check out Petite Kingdom’s offer and order now!

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